Sunday, April 10, 2011
' Demi isn't fat ,
Miley isn't slutty ,
Justin bieber isn't gay ,
haters , grow up. '
- Weiling's twitter.

Kkk , life's normal ?
Thursday , phototaking and then cca. Didn't train , leg and back damn pain.
Friday , lunch at mac. Omfg , damn pissed off again. People like them should just be sent to hell to be burn again and again and again and again. -'-.
Saturday , Sick on friday night so no tuition. Planned to study with 3e2s but in the end chatted , played captain ball and gossiping at gongcha (:
Today ,
Kkkk , bye.

I never knew you were that small ,
Yes , i'm a hypocrite but im a better one compared to youknowwho.
Lilwayne :B

profile ,

Hey everybody!
I'll say don't judge be cause you know my name but not my story.
But even if i say that , will there be any difference?
No , so why should i even bother telling ya?
Im quiet if you dont know me , but if you do ,
you'll wish that i am.
Loveya ♥!

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