Monday, January 31, 2011
Heres another one. I just copy and paste cause im tired. So its screwed.
This is the winner for Singapore. I bet she'll be shouting like mad now ):

credits to : /taylorswift

I Love Taylor Swift, for so many reasons.

It's funny, how someone you don't even know personally can change so much about the way you think through their music. It's funny how, no matter how many of my friends dislike Taylor Swift because of their ridiculous reasons, i will still support her.

She makes you feel like boys are just another Picture to burn, how when you're Fifteen, they aren't that important. When you still want to go running back to the one boy you can't let go and who lied to you again and again, she lets you sing out loud that he's not worth your time, and him saying Forever and Always was all lies.

She knows how to relate to every possible situation, almost like she's a therapist. When i sit in class and stare at the boy I'm crazy about who doesn't even know, I sing Teardrops on my Guitar in my head, and then the pain goes away for a little while, just knowing that something like that affected her enough to have to write and sing about it.

She know how it feels like to go through heartbreak, and you can hear it in everything she sings about. Taylor Swift doesn't get people to listen to her music because of her looks, or her clothes, or anything else. People to listen to her music because she writes and sings about her life. She sings about things she goes through everyday. And yes, some people may not care, but those who can relate to it, like myself, do.

I love Taylor Swift, because she makes me feel like the things i feel, are pretty normal, cos she's gone through it too. I may have said earlier that I don't know her personally, but I know her through her music, and she is an amazing songwriter and singer.

She has worked hard to be where she is, and I will always support her music, because I know that at one time or another, she has helped me through something to make me feel better. And if she wasn't doing what she's doing, maybe everything would've been a little bit harder for me. That is why i love Taylor Swift


She taught me to speak now instead of regretting later part of my life.
She thought me to never grow up , cause the older you are,
the colder and more complicated the world will be.
She told me that everybody makes mistakes but they are still innocent.
She told me that there will always be mean girls trying to bring you down
no matter how great you are.
She told me that im living in reality ,
she told me that im not a princess and my life ain't a fairytale.

I've forgotten the rest. There's alot more i've forgotten. I saw it at , for taylorswift tickets.
Taylorswift 13 ♥ , I lovelikeadore you (:

Im back. Suddenly got the urge to blog so yea. Changed blogskin.~
Forevertaylorswifty. Anyw , I totally forgotten that i have tuition today. Smartme.
Ermermerm , Yea. Ilovetherecentweather , like cold only.
And .. kk nothing much bye.

Yes , i'm fine now , thanks for asking .
Here's to the fakers , heres to the heartbreaker.

Seriously bitch , see your blog mood sure spoil but still whatever.
See you blog reminds me of those dieting post
and those post 'bout chickenbackside makes me bloody piss off.
Let me tell you what , you can have him and that figure of yours , So what?
And stop bloody bragging bout that ticket of yours. So what if you're able to see her concert?
Bigfuck? You can make me bloody piss off like how you wanted to , but trust me the day you broke up with him, it will be the happiest day of my life. Not because that i liked him but because it'll be my turn to see you upset , and it'll be my turn to be bragging about how happy i am.

Last post 'bout bitches. I sumpah. Teehees , i hope. Unless im bloody pissed off by them.
Pukes and vomit , Hilarychewhuiting.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Out for project todayyy.
Fucking no life people making nonsensical comments on people relationship should just fuck off.
Nothing much either , im giving up on blogging. As blogger only reminds me bout that bitch and those useless time i spend stalking her even though i still do now >< . But at least its totally different now. February coming in 2 days time and new months means new beginning.
I hope it dont sucks like how january is. I'll still blog but not as often as every single day.
I wanna learn those chimchim english and soot that fucking bitch.

P.S/.And bitch , i'll be waiting for you with my doors wide open.
With pukes and vomits , Huiting.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Ewww , how buyaolian can she be. Pukeees.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Im back after a week plus , nothing much though.
Its school , school , and again school. Sick of it , but hey i get to see my friends yaww.
That bloody english teacher failed my compo , badly. -.-
Manage to pass my maths even though i only complete a question , that's how miracle works.
Apart from english everything is ok?
Talk 'bout the recent stuff like , i went to nex yesterday and its fawesome.
From food like frozen yogurt , starbucks , texas chicken , japanese ramen
to shops like cotton on, converse , myuk , comics connection etccte.
And today , school , again. Skipping class (Y) for match tomorrow. And training.
Im loving this year training. Match just simply rocks nowadays but , 1 day training = 1 injuring day. But im used to it.

Fuckoffbiatch , dont tell me or them what we should or shouldn't do. Im not your bitch.
Nobody likes you either. So fuck off.

Btw, good luck to the B'div for tomorrow match ~

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tuition today and then home.
The boys above are like cute onlyyy (Y).
Nothing much bye.

Friday, January 14, 2011

School todayy , after that went tuition and thn off to xinyu house there to play sports
Soccer > Rugby > Running > Basketball.
just die biatch.


in your face , in your face , in your mother cb la -'-

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

School todayy.
POA> eng>recess>mt>maths>lunch>amaths.
All my homework is pile up :/. Quite alot of homework and im supersuper sleeepy.
I wonder what will happen when exam is near/nextyear. ><
POA is super boring too. Nothing much. Bye.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today was good cause nothing screwed up and i've been pissed off like everyday since 2011 ,
Well the good thing is that no english , i went all out during training and it felt fawesome and tatatatatatta. Lmao.
So school day as usual ,
Amaths > POA > Recess >Idk what > Geog > MT > Lunch > Physics.
Poa is sosososos boring. ><
KK , nothing much so byeee.

11/1/11 , lololololol.

(edited )

"I'm gonna make you regret those decision you made and the stuff you did or not do to me."
You just wait.

Don't you just love tumblr , lololol.

Monday, January 10, 2011

School today.
Interaction>Amaths > PE > Recess > MT > English > Maths > Lunch > Geog.
Spent interaction,and both maths periods doing amaths worksheet.
Question7and8 = Faint. Nothing much.
Eat in canteen and home. Nothing much. Bye.

Why does love always feels like a battlefield.~

Sunday, January 9, 2011
I used to think when I got older, the world would make so much more sense.
But you know what? The older I get, the more confusing it is to me.
The more complicated it is to me.

Doing nothing at home today.
I'm a professional Privateinvestigator aka stalkers. Lololol.
Going grandma house soon. Schoolday tomorrow sad maximum~

Saturday, January 8, 2011
You think that it is over , when did it ever begin?
Don't pretend like he was ever interested.
He may have had you fooled by the way he looked into your eyes
But no he really looked right through, through it all.
He could swear he never meant it, act like you're overreacting.
But he's the tool who shouldn't have been acting.How are they the one's attracting us?

Here's to the heartbreakers,
who are so good at hiding all the evidence of them pretending all along who were we kidding?
I could find a man and not a boy. Yeah you'll see what you're missing.
Yes I'm fine now, thanks for asking..
Here's to the fakers, here's to the heartbreakers!

You try to play his games but then you're the one who's being confusing,
He'll keep using that old line. You could just tell me you don't have the time.
But no, you wanna leave me hanging what's the point in all of my waiting?
I'm the one who's noticing you, guess that makes me obsessed with you.
I turn your flaws into beauty, and you're seeing this as a bad thing.
Are you kidding me? Yeah well, you're the one who'll be missing me.

Here's to the heartbreakers, who are so good at
Keeping us around while still , keeping our confidence down.
Do you feel as if you own me? I could find a man and not a boy.
Yeah you'll see what you're missing. Yes I'm fine now, thanks for asking.
Here's to the takers, here's to the heartbreakers!

This is the story of a girl , who builds her own thoughts.
She has the faith that he'll be more, than what she only thinks she wants.
She's seen the bitter truth, but when someone is looking right at you.
It's hard to see through the lying eyes,
When you're mesmerized, yeah I'm mesmerized.

Well you'll never own me. You'll never even have me.
Yeah, cause I could find a man and not a boy. Yes you'll soon see what you're missing.
Did you get what you came for? Yeah, you're a heartbreaker.
Let me give you a little more.
You know who you are, this one's for you.


Got it from her blog. But i prefer the acoustic version~
Her version not nice one. Lololol ~
Kkk , bye.

Yes , go and ever come back.

Stayed at home whole day , so nothing much to blog.
Might be going changi for dinner (:

Friday, January 7, 2011
Themysteriesoflove (Y)

Im like sososososososos pissed off luh kk. School todayy.
POA >Maths >Recess > Chemistry > Assembly > Tuition > Home.
It started okok. Nothing much , boring poa. Assembly was boring too.
Whatever -.- . Chickenbackside.
Im doing the totally opposite of my 2011 resolution and i fucking hate it.

Example ,
1. Cut down on vulgarities ( I speak alotalotalot more for no reason .)
2. To start chionging way from the start . ( Reach home finish homework , off to comp , tv non stop )
3. Control temper . ( I loose it alot more often compared to last time. )
4. Forget him. ( totally opposite i tell you , totally -.- )

Something's wrong with me -.-

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Schooltodayyy. 2011 is like passing so slowly , mygosh !
Commontest period. Was like so freakishly finding a rep or whatever role to be so i wouldn't need to be the english rep.
But in the end, Ima free bitch babeeeey. Im not english rep or have any other jobs (:
I got the feeling that im gonna end up being green rep or it rep. Which mean , die.
So im not really free either -.- , sucks.
English for first period , read storybooks. Then she started talking summary. Almost slept.
So started writing to keep myself awake. She's a witch yaww.
Amaths>Recess>Chemistry>Physics>SS>Lunch> Chinese>CCA fair > 507 > Home.

Im changing to the opposite of my 2011 resolution -.- . Not good !
Die liao , bye.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today was okok ,
POA was like bored only. And that english teacher like pro or something? She nag for an hour plus non-stop. Listen to her also can sleep.
Erm , then recess.
After that mothertongue , maths. Lunch. Amaths.
For house meeting like go there for air con and talktalk.
Lololol. Kkk i dont know what to blog anymore so byee.
If the boat can't reach the jetty. I'll jump down and swim all the way there. Even if i drown. -'-

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck ! Not a good dayy luh.
Was pulling myself out of the bed for school , sucks.
School was okok. But im not gonna like physics lesson urh !! Whatever.
Bussed to inter to check if Xinyu's wallet is at mac. Bussed home after that.
Reach home and everything get messed up.
Sec3 its time for me to study hard and chiong.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Time flies , it's already 3rd January. School starts tomorrow.
Finally sambal ooh , Im sure to gain weight. Have been eating and eating and eating. Lols.
Either going out or chingay later on. Hope school will be good. Bye.

Sunday, January 2, 2011
Backfromtoapayoh ! (:
Have been going out ever since 2 days ago.
Tampines yesterday , toa payoh today and home tomorrow.
And after that it'll be going to school day :/ .
First day , dump my books in class and pewwwwww to 3e3 (:
Byebye (:


My new addiction (:

Finished watching The mysteries of love. But kept on watching it again and again. Lmao.
Can't believe its already 2011 , and school's starting in 2 days.
Half happy , half not so.

In 2011 , i'm gonna ...
- focus on my studies
- active in cca
- watch deathly hallows
-watch breaking dawn
- Control temper
- Fulfill all the promises made
- Be happy yawww.
-Countdown 2012 with friends. (lololol.)
- Meet up with 2e3 and 6Honesty
-etccte ..

Yeap that's all. TATA.


Saturday, January 1, 2011
Happy New Year Peepos !! (:
New year , new beginning , new blog.

Tuition yesterday , after that rot at home till 8 plus ,
eat and off to marina bay. Its like supersupersuper squeezy.
People start cutting infront of me -'-.
Play games with my dads phone till 12am for fireworks.
Text a whole loads of friends Happy new year earlier just in case Singtel jammed ,like always.
11.58 pm ,Was so pissed off cause people was like pushing their way to the front & block my view.
Give them the taste of the own medicine , find spots and squeeze infront of them (:
The fireworks was awesome and loud.
And the stupid,idiotic part arrives.
Wanted to go home and people was pushing their way. Again.
It was sosososososososo pack. Walk all the way to mrt station. Saw koksoon and his gf.
People cross road like as though its their grandfather road. Awesomeness.
Circle-lined to Macperson and cabbed home.
I celebrate the start of 2011 by enjoying that awesome fireworks.
And squeezing through the crowd.
Reach home at 2am. Bye.


profile ,

Hey everybody!
I'll say don't judge be cause you know my name but not my story.
But even if i say that , will there be any difference?
No , so why should i even bother telling ya?
Im quiet if you dont know me , but if you do ,
you'll wish that i am.
Loveya ♥!

6 Honesty
Xinyu , Twinny
Huitong , H3F
Estee , Xingannn
Qinghai , BFFL
Darren , Dear
Nazhirah , Junior
Angeline , Junior
Jasmine , Junior

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