Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Schooltodayy. The hot climate is backk yawww. Suckmaxx.
Well , erm , i paid attention in poa and guess what i finally understand chapter 5 starting ><
Poa test tomorrow , please be easy :/ Skipped yanjiang as i went to watch match. Awesomezxc.
Kkk , today is kinda my lucky day , so yea. But tomorrow sure unlucky one.
Tomorrow , im having poa test , yanjiang , the chinese stuff to submit when i haven't touch it ,
and dont feel like touching. Whatever. Training was okok la. Kkk , nothing bye ! (:
Ewwww say yi tao do another tao. lmao idk what im talking. kk bye.

Day 7 : Ginny

Heyheyyyy , i dont really know you so yea. I've nothing to write.
Erm , just that i know you via Xinyu and Huitong. And ,
that bitch very ugly. Lmao.
Kkk , byebyee.

profile ,

Hey everybody!
I'll say don't judge be cause you know my name but not my story.
But even if i say that , will there be any difference?
No , so why should i even bother telling ya?
Im quiet if you dont know me , but if you do ,
you'll wish that i am.
Loveya ♥!

6 Honesty
Xinyu , Twinny
Huitong , H3F
Estee , Xingannn
Qinghai , BFFL
Darren , Dear
Nazhirah , Junior
Angeline , Junior
Jasmine , Junior

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