Saturday, February 5, 2011
Chuckbass looks awesome , as usual.

Kkk , another day has past , like omg so fastttttt. And i've post alotalot posts recently.
So here it goes , im gonna post 1 post bout my days , one tumblr maniac post
and another letter post so well , this is the letter post (:

Day 5 : Esteee

Heyyy Estee , i know since P4. Even though
we quarrel like a couple times during primary school ,
We're still best friends in the end. BFFL ftw. You me and qinghaiii ♥♥!
It has been a longlonglong time since we've meetup even though we are in the same school ,
ILOVEYOU and i wanna watch breaking dawn with you veryveryvery badlyyyyy.
Taylorlautner ftw babeeey.


And people do formspring me , link at my profile.
Thankyouverymuch , ilubyou :B

profile ,

Hey everybody!
I'll say don't judge be cause you know my name but not my story.
But even if i say that , will there be any difference?
No , so why should i even bother telling ya?
Im quiet if you dont know me , but if you do ,
you'll wish that i am.
Loveya ♥!

6 Honesty
Xinyu , Twinny
Huitong , H3F
Estee , Xingannn
Qinghai , BFFL
Darren , Dear
Nazhirah , Junior
Angeline , Junior
Jasmine , Junior

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