Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today was good cause nothing screwed up and i've been pissed off like everyday since 2011 ,
Well the good thing is that no english , i went all out during training and it felt fawesome and tatatatatatta. Lmao.
So school day as usual ,
Amaths > POA > Recess >Idk what > Geog > MT > Lunch > Physics.
Poa is sosososos boring. ><
KK , nothing much so byeee.

11/1/11 , lololololol.

(edited )

"I'm gonna make you regret those decision you made and the stuff you did or not do to me."
You just wait.

Don't you just love tumblr , lololol.

profile ,

Hey everybody!
I'll say don't judge be cause you know my name but not my story.
But even if i say that , will there be any difference?
No , so why should i even bother telling ya?
Im quiet if you dont know me , but if you do ,
you'll wish that i am.
Loveya ♥!

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