Monday, January 24, 2011

Im back after a week plus , nothing much though.
Its school , school , and again school. Sick of it , but hey i get to see my friends yaww.
That bloody english teacher failed my compo , badly. -.-
Manage to pass my maths even though i only complete a question , that's how miracle works.
Apart from english everything is ok?
Talk 'bout the recent stuff like , i went to nex yesterday and its fawesome.
From food like frozen yogurt , starbucks , texas chicken , japanese ramen
to shops like cotton on, converse , myuk , comics connection etccte.
And today , school , again. Skipping class (Y) for match tomorrow. And training.
Im loving this year training. Match just simply rocks nowadays but , 1 day training = 1 injuring day. But im used to it.

Fuckoffbiatch , dont tell me or them what we should or shouldn't do. Im not your bitch.
Nobody likes you either. So fuck off.

Btw, good luck to the B'div for tomorrow match ~

profile ,

Hey everybody!
I'll say don't judge be cause you know my name but not my story.
But even if i say that , will there be any difference?
No , so why should i even bother telling ya?
Im quiet if you dont know me , but if you do ,
you'll wish that i am.
Loveya ♥!

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